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Relaxation and well-being treatments for People and Animals

Reiki works by balancing the body’s energy field, bringing about a deep sense of relaxation and harmony; creating an optimal state for the body to promote its own natural healing process. 

Re-balance, Relax, Replenish, Revitalise, Refresh, Recuperate, Recover, Re-energise, Restore; Reiki

‘I feel as though I’ve been wrapped in a blanket of sunshine’

Liz D

‘I feel lighter, as though the slate has been wiped clean'

Hayley S

‘I feel like I’ve had 8 hours sleep'

John M

Joan, a lovely lady with motor neurone disease wrote these things on her ipad, following some of her treatments .. 

‘I felt as though I was floating down a river’ 

‘I soared above the clouds’ 

‘I feel like I could build a house’  

Joan - Motor Neurone Disease patient

'I'm normally a sceptic about these things but whatever you're doing works!'

David - Care home manager

Some of the Animals feedback include;  sleeping soundly, yawning, licking, chin wobbling and general signs of relaxation.

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